How to Download Software Safely

There are only a few surprises which are worse than finding out the game you simply downloaded to your children has a virus in it. Now you are confronted with a problem which should not have occurred in the first location.

The very first rule of downloading

The first guideline to secure downloading would be to look out for the websites you visit: the old saw about 'if it seems too good to be true, it's' uses from the computer world too. If you can not think your good luck in locating the most recent record you're wanting free of charge, the best choice would be to beyond up it! In case you've got the great fortune to come across the newest, hottest sport, maybe you'd best stop and think a moment.

The most obvious Location

We often get into trouble downloading songs, since the hackers and virus authors understand how hot downloading music is becoming. What better goal for them? There are tons of chances to perform their particular deeds to unsuspecting music fans.

Protection 101

Among the fastest ways to protect yourself would be to instantly scan the downloaded document for malware and viruses. Typically you can simply click the document and a number of your alternatives are, by way of instance,

    "Scan with AVG Antivirus,"

    "Comodo Antivirus"

    "Scan with Malware Bytes Anti-Malware," or

    "Scan with Spybot-Search&Destroy." 

If, for some unknown reason, you do not have an anti virus program, you are opening yourself up to plenty of despair and issues. Proceed into a location like, search on 'anti virus' and download one of the numerous available totally free antivirus apps like Avast, AVG, Threatfire, etc.. They are fast and simple to set up and rank up there with cover programs so far as protecting you.

Some protected places

When You're Looking for a Specific Kind of application or the app, it pays to visit one of those trusted, analyzed download websites like, &

There are lots of other safe websites also; should you Google them, you'll find them simple enough. If you're searching for open source substance, two of the best bets are and Each one these sites affirm the documents they've for downloading are assessed and tested for malware and viruses.

If you simply listen to exactly what you doing and be somewhat cynical and wary of deals that seem too good to be true, you could have several hours of pleasure downloading and using free applications throughout the net.

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